Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines:

Articles written in Turkish or English can be published in Eksen JFA. The author (s) who submit an article to EKSEN JFA agrees that the articles submitted to Eksen JFA were not previously published in another publication or that they were not submitted to another publication at the same time. The authors also agree that the work will not be published in any other language or publication. The author (s) have the primary responsibility for the above issues and must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement at the time of application.

Papers presented at scientific meetings may be submitted to the EKSEN JFA, provided that they are not published in the proceedings of the relevant meeting. If the article was a part of the thesis etc. or presented in a Conference this situation should be indicated as a footnote with the * sign in the “Title” section. In addition, if the study was supported by people or institutions and/or prepared via project/research support, the information explaining this situation should be included in the “Acknowledgments” section. The author (s) have the primary responsibility for the above issues.

There is no evaluation and application fee for article submission or publication fees. Articles can be viewed and downloaded in pdf format and printed out via the web page of the open-access journal. If you have any questions, please contact us at and

Journal editors, editorial board and referee board are not responsible for the opinions and opinions in the published articles. The author (s) have the primary responsibility for the content of the paper.

Each article to be published in the journal should contain between 150-250 words in Turkish / English abstract. Original research and theoretical articles should be a minimum of 4000, a maximum of 7000 words (including title pages, abstracts, references, tables and figure descriptions, each figure and table should be calculated as 250 words). Case studies, criticism and evaluation articles, and book abstracts, etc. should be at most 1600 words (including references).

The two files to be uploaded, namely the ‘AnonymousArticle.doc’ and its scanned ‘PlagiarismReport.pdf’ files, should not contain any information about the author(s). For ‘PlagiarismReport.pdf’ the file type should be selected as “PlagiarismReport” (not other documents).

Publication Policy for Copyright of Figures and Tables (Pictures, images, photos, maps, charts):

If the visual or other versions of the table have already been published, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain the copyright permission for the Images and Tables.  The relevant information should be provided in the text and in the References.

Two files to be uploaded, namely the ‘AnonymousArticle.doc’ and its scanned ‘PlagiarismReport.pdf’ files, should not contain any information about the author(s).

Please download the manuscript template (Word File) and prepare your manuscript in accordance with the author guidelines rules using the manuscript template.