Aims and Scope

EKSEN JFA aims to provide an interdisciplinary perspective to the current discussions in the following subjects: environment and behavior studies, urban and regional planning, architecture, urban design, urban conservation, landscape, geography and remote sensing, design, preservation and restoration, structure, art, theory and history. In addition, the Eksen JFA aims to promote interdisciplinary information exchange  via research and theory articles that propose a new knowledge or a new method (or a new dimension to existing knowledge) on current national and international debates in these disciplines.

EKSEN JFA is an open-access, peer-reviewed, international e-journal published by Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Architecture two times a year in June and December.

Although the priority would be given to original research and theoretical articles that will contribute to the literature, the following type of articles are also welcomed: review articles, case reports, current discussions and comments, criticism and evaluations, book reviews and etc. In addition to the standard article publication policy, from time to time thematic files composed of selected papers at conferences organized in the fields mentioned above will be included in the journal.

The articles published in English and Turkish languages are intended to strengthen the relationship between practice and scientific research. It is envisaged that both the designers and the researchers will gain new and original ideas from the articles to be published in Eksen JFA.

The articles are expected to discuss the current national and international issues in education and profession.